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Calendar of holidays celebrated with cards

New Year Jan. 1, 2021 Nurses Day May 6, 2021 Kwanzaa Dec. 26, 2021
Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, 2021 Mother’s Day May 9, 2021 New Year Jan. 1, 2022
St. Patrick’s Day Mar. 17, 2021 Father’s Day June 20, 2021 Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, 2022
Passover* Mar. 28, 2021 Grandparents Day Sept. 12, 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Mar. 17, 2022
Easter Apr. 4, 2021 Rosh Hashanah* Sept. 7, 2021 Passover* Apr. 16, 2022
Administrative Halloween Oct. 31, 2021 Easter Apr. 17, 2022
Professionals Day Apr. 21, 2021 Thanksgiving Nov. 25, 2021 Administrative
*Begins sundown Hanukkah* Nov. 29, 2021 Professionals Day Apr. 27, 2022
the prior evening Christmas Dec. 25, 2021 Nurses Day May 6, 2022

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We plan to greatly expand our collection of both mainstream cards and cards by independent designers. However, our objective is not to offer the largest number of cards, but rather to save you time by selecting the best cards.

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