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How to find cards quickly
Start by going to the appropriate category page. One way to do that is to hover the cursor on “occasion cards” or “holiday cards” in the header at the top of the page.

A dropdown menu appears. Find the category (ex.: birthday–mother) that you are looking for and click on it. That action takes you to a category page with thumbnail images of cards. Hover the cursor over a thumbnail to instantly see images of the front and inside of the card.

Click "Mark for later SMALL SQUARE" above a thumbnail to put a blue highlight on that thumbnail for future reference. Uncheck the box to remove the highlight.

To see a large image of a card and a detailed description, click on the thumbnail itself.

Will the cards look like what I see on my computer screen?
The actual cards will look as least as good as the images that you see on your screen, and may look better. Some cards are difficult or impossible to show accurately on a computer screen.

Embellishments like glitter, foil and holograms are challenging. Embossing, layers, and paper texture are difficult. Type and images that are indented (letterpress) or raised (thermographic) are hard to show.

Three-dimensional cards with decorative objects affixed to them and pop-up cards are hard to portray on a flat screen. Gold and silver may appear grayish rather than their true colors. Type is often sharper and more readable on the physical card.

A further complication is that monitors vary greatly in how they portray colors, and in their brightness settings. In addition, computer screens tend to dim with age, resulting in darker images.

No-risk return policy
If you are unhappy with the appearance of the cards or dissatisfied with your order for any other reason, you may return the cards for a full refund, including regular shipping charges. Refunds of shipping charges for partial returns are prorated. Read our returns & refunds policy.


Our mission: Find the best cards

PaperCardShop’s goal is to provide the best selection of paper greeting cards on the Web. We screen thousands of cards from more than a hundred publishers so that you can find the perfect card.

We plan to greatly expand our collection of both mainstream cards and cards by independent designers. However, our objective is not to offer the largest number of cards, but rather to save you time by selecting the best cards.

InstaView makes browsing cards fast & fun!

  • Go to a category page (like birthday‒general).
  • Skim the thumbnail images for cards that interest you.
  • Hover the cursor over a thumbnail.
  • Large images of both the front and inside of the card appear instantly, and disappear when you move the cursor.
  • Click the "Mark for later" checkbox above the thumbnail to highlight cards that you wish to revisit.