Bar/Bat Mitzvah


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Inside right copy:

Front copy:
Bat Mitzvah


Dimensions: 5.5" high x 4.25" wide
Envelope: Lavender
Publisher: Tumbalina

The tips of the Star of David have a pink background and are highlighted in glitter, as are the points of the leaves. A tiny green crystal bead separates the two branches.

Tumbalina greeting cards are the passionate creation of Oak Atkinson. Oak began making collage greeting cards in a tiny town in Uganda, where she grew up. A former marketing executive, Oak found her true calling in making people smile through cards that convey love and affection in a personal, whimsical way. Elegantly minimal in design, each card is handmade and carefully crafted by Tumbalina "elves" in Westchester County, NY. These artisans attach delicate embellishments to the cards, creating three-dimensional works of art.

The actual cards are at least as attractive as the images you see

We try hard to capture each card's image, but some cards are difficult to display accurately on a computer screen. Three-dimensional effects, such as embellishments and paper texture, are especially challenging. Colors may be more attractive in the physical card than they appear on your monitor. Type may be sharper and more readable.

Be assured, however, that we only offer cards that are visually appealing. Of course, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return your purchase for a full refund (including regular shipping).

Our goal: To find great cards that you would otherwise never see

A few large publishers dominate the distribution of greeting cards, while hundreds of boutique publishers struggle to gain access to consumers. Unless you visit our site, you may never get the chance to see the cards of the these small publishers. Yet they are the source of much creativity and innovation in the greeting card industry.

We search for the most creative cards from the best independent publishers—cards that will surprise and delight the recipients. (We, of course, also offer a large collection of appealing mainstream cards.)